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CESSDA-ELSST New Release 6 September 2016

The European Language Social Science Thesaurus (ELSST) is available in 12 languages: Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish. We are proud to announce that since September 2016 the average of all translated Preferred … Continue reading

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Restructuring a thesaurus: the case of the Education, Skills and Children's Services Thesaurus

Suzanne Barbalet Some weeks ago I visited the offices of the Department for Education (DfE), Westminster to gain a snapshot view of innovative work being undertaken there to revise the in-house thesaurus: the Education, Skills and Children’s Services Thesaurus (ESCS). … Continue reading

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Concept maps

Suzanne Barbalet Just as the writer’s storyboard maps and links book chapters ‘concept maps’, for thesaurus construction, aim to solve problems caused by ambiguous labels or out-dated concepts and aid the revision of old hierarchies or the construction of new … Continue reading

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Axioms and Constraints: Ensuring Structural Validity

Suzanne Barbalet Axioms underpin the business logic of the thesaurus management system; that is how thesaurus concepts can be created, displayed, stored and changed. Constraints, on the other hand, ensure structural, thesaural integrity. They also take account of semantic web … Continue reading

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From Trees to Webs: Some reflections on 21st Century Thesauri Structure

Suzanne Barbalet Has the tree structure outgrown its usefulness or is the “tree of knowledge” image so powerful that it remains a fundamental principle of knowledge organization? This was a recurrent question first raised by Scott Weingart of the University … Continue reading

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Mapping and matching – accommodating divergence and protecting integrity

Lucy Bell Wherever HASSET and ELSST share concepts, these concepts should, ideally, be identical – in labels, metadata, relationships.  Everything.  That said, this may not be possible every single time.  The two thesauri have different cultural identities – and these … Continue reading

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