A wish list for the new thesaurus management application

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the recent online survey, identifying things that are liked and disliked in the existing ELSST application.  Your comments and insights were extremely valuable and have been included in the wish list of functions required for the new application.  We’re very grateful indeed to everyone who took part.

We are now in the process of refining our requirements.  The top line functions that we are looking into are:

  • Annual, version-controlled releases
  • Contextual, hierarchy information provided for all comments, linking suggestions for new terms or edits to existing terms or to a proposed place within the structure
  • To have a way of visualising the thesaurus
  • More than one other language version to be visible when translating
  • Facility for further alphabets to be available, such as Cyrillic
  • Online, click-through licence for users
  • Search and browse facility
  • Facility to translate all parts of a concept at once
  • All terms to have persistent unique identifiers
  • Facility for inclusion potentially of Concept Groups, should we wish to use these

These functions represent a few of our high-level priorities; we have a number of other, system-level, technical requirements also.  We are currently researching how all of these may be fulfilled.  More information on progress will be available in a later post.

We have also been working on the inconsistencies which currently exist between HASSET and ELSST.  We expect to be in touch with representatives from the translating organisations fairly soon with the first list of proposed changes that we would like to make to ELSST to start to bring it up to date.

We’re also looking forward to speaking to many of these representatives at the ELSST meeting later on this month.  Thanks again for all contributions so far.  We’re thrilled to be working with so many committed and insightful people!

Lucy Bell

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