Aims of the CESSDA-ELSST project

The UK Data Archive at the University of Essex has begun a 5-year project to enhance and further develop the two thesauri that it manages.  The first 18 months of this project will focus on application development and improvement.

HASSET is the Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus; ELSST is the European Language Social Science Thesaurus.

Three high-level issues have been prioritised for the thesauri’s development:

  1. alignment of the two thesauri to streamline their maintenance and make their future development more efficient
  2. creation and implementation of a single, streamlined system of access to all terms
  3. re-development of the management and user interface (currently at

The funding from the ESRC follows on from 8 months funding from the Jisc to lay the groundwork for the alignment and version control of the thesaurus products.  Progress and development of this previous project were reported in our SKOS-HASSET blog.

Comments on the project’s progress will be warmly welcomed.  Any requests for a licence to use HASSET or ELSST should be directed in the first instance to the Thesaurus Team at the UK Data Archive.

More posts covering progress will follow!

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